How to Style a Round Coffee Table

How to Style a Round Coffee Table

When styling your round coffee table, balance within asymmetry is key. For those who aren't comfortable with asymmetry, I'm here to demystify this styling task for you with a few simple guidelines.

1.) Layout is the foundation. I've observed that most of my clients are stumped by the first step of styling their coffee table - the layout. You must begin the footprint of your accessorizing with a triangular shape. Unlike a square, rectangle or circle, the triangle provides the perfect yin and yang of styled surface area against the untouched space. Traveling outside "the triangle" (don, don, don;" cue the dramatic movie music) is the recipe for rendering your coffee table cluttered and unusable.

2.) Layering is vital. To keep things interesting yet crisp, layer the heights of objects. Preferably use three objects, all with differing heights to create a circular motion such as a lantern, a stand of coral and an open book. Keep in mind, that you'll also want to bring in two or three textures among those accessories. Some examples are a woven basket with a vase of flowers, offset by a shorter stack of two or three books; or stagger a potted plant with a hammered brass bowl and wooden box.

3.) Style with your color palette in mind. Be intentional with the items you use in order to reinforce the tones or textures you're using throughout your living room. For instance, using a lavender vase versus a aqua vase may be the difference your family retreat needs to pull in those lavender pillows you couldn't live without. If your fireplace is flanked with built-ins with leather and brass pulls, I'd recommend incorporating a leather tray with brass handles.

My hope is that you're more comfortable now with styling your round coffee table after reading my written nudge. All in all, be sure to have fun! :)

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