Raise the Bar: Bar Stools

Raise the Bar: Bar Stools

Bar stools are not always given the credit or attention they deserve. As a key component in transitioning from a home's dining area to the kitchen, please (I'm borderline begging you...) don't underestimate this design element especially for those of us who love to entertain! Consider the textures and tones of your main living areas as you embark on your bar stool hunt.

I'm including a few of my favorite bar and counter stool offerings to get your creative juices flowing. The goal is to utilize your bar stools to unify these spaces and reinforce your interior decor style while providing comfort for you, your family and your guests. What's your favorite stool design right now?

Source Kelly Nutt Design

Source Amber Interiors

Source Blackband Design

Source Kate Marker Interiors

Source N/A

Source Becki Owens

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