Mid-Century Bohemian Beach House Transformation: Living Room + Dining Room

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Mid-Century Bohemian Beach House Transformation: Living Room + Dining Room

After having their second home for nearly ten years, this client duo approached our team in search of design guidance. With guests continuously coming to visit, they needed ample seating within an unusual floor plan. The leather living room set they originally purchased for their home wasn't holding up to the wet swimsuits of their saltwater-soaked kids and grandkids, and they were over using two separate dining tables for family meals. Not to mention, they couldn't quite get a hold of the ideal layout for such a long yet compact L-shaped main living area.

They originally asked for help with their living room and dining room. However, because they loved what our design team accomplished for their aesthetic goals and ultimately their family's coastal community lifestyle, they ended up asking us to help with all of their four bedrooms, powder room and outdoor areas.

Today we are revealing the transformation of the living room and dining room of their mid-century bohemian beach house, a project we had such a blast redesigning and refreshing. A big thanks goes to these clients for being so appreciative and trusting throughout the process. Check out these "before" and "after" photos, and let us know what you think!


We ditched the two dining tables and commissioned a friend of mine to build a custom farm table that would be long enough to sit 10 family members without being too deep (for photos, we are only showcasing eight chairs). We replaced the dining room chandelier with a recessed light or can light. Then we found a gorgeous rectangular hanging light to center over their custom table and in front of the husband's pride and joy (a replica of a 136-pound sailfish he caught while deep sea fishing in Florida).

Initially all of their furniture was pushed back along the walls leaving a huge gap between their seating area and their fireplace and tv. This is a common mistake. We brought new definition to the living room by intimately but comfortably placing the new furniture around the fireplace, providing a walk way between the back of the sofa and the dining table.

The once peeling leather furniture was replaced with a white slip-covered sofa (easy to throw in the wash and bleach) and two slip-covered swivel chairs. This pair of chairs and the wooden chest provided a subtle warm print to soften and balance out the darkness of the fireplace's granite surround.


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To bring a more updated look to this home, we replaced the icy green walls with a warm white, and we refreshed the brushed nickel hardware on the built-ins with matte bronze square knobs.

What is your favorite detail from this Mid-Century Bohemian Beach House Transformation?

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