Wall Art: Why Not Go For It!

Wall Art: Why Not Go For It!

Oversized artwork that wows is making a splash this year in the world of interior design! Here are some examples to get your home's feet wet in embracing this new trend. We know you'll fall in love with at least one of these gorgeous paintings (or all of them like we did)!

This oversized painting establishes a creative destination when located above a chaise.

Art by Ethan Hill Art

This modern room gets an upgrade in texture and warmth in the presence of this colorful canvas.

Art by Obaid Abstract Art

With its vibrant color palette, this opulent backdrop elevates the look of this space .

Art by Artzaro

This forest series exudes a reflective and calming vibe for creative minds.

Art by Neptune Art Prints

This playful painting jazzes up this work environment.

Art by Ethan Hill Art

Where do you plan on incorporating oversized wall art in your home?

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