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Liven Up Your Laundry Room

Let's be honest. Who doesn't dread doing laundry? When your utility room is lacking in design, you're even less motivated to check this chore off your list. Well, we're sharing a few laundry room designs that may just get you excited to empty out those hampers and start a folding assembly line. Here are some ideas to give your laundry area a Spring facelift.

Stack your dryer and washer to free up space for more storage cabinets and a coveted folding counter.


White walls (especially white shiplap!), white appliances and white cabinets keep your corner feeling more open, clean, crisp and bright.


Design by Studio Mcgee

Bringing in fresh house plants and rich pops of color transform your laundry room from drab to desirable!


Design by Studio McGee

Don't let anyone convince you that small footprints require you to skimp on style. In fact, a simple design element like printed floor tile in a more intimate space can make a brilliant impact.



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