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Five Essentials for Living in a Small Space

Five Essentials for Living in a Small Space

I’m sure we have all had our fair share of living in a small space - I know I have! Whether it is living in an apartment during college, or moving into your first house. We all have to make do with that small space and I have some tricks to help you stay organized and efficient.

1. Command strips are your best friend (and one of our design secrets)!

Using Command strips is a great way to stay organized and efficient. Command strips are easy to use and do not leave any damage on the surface you attach it to. They come in all forms, and there is even a hook option that comes in multiple sizes. You can use them to hang heavy objects all the way to using them to hiding cords behind your TV. I use these hooks to keep my everyday essentials organized - think summer hats, dog leashes, rain coats and beach bags. There is also a velcro option that you can use for almost anything. I like to use the Velcro command strips for hanging picture frames or artwork on the wall.

​ ​​Five+Essentials+for+Living+in+a+Small+Space+--+Mary+Hannah+Interiors

Jay wen

2. Using a dresser as a nightstand

By having a dresser as your side table or nightstand it allows you to have more space to store your clothes or other accessories. It also allows you to free up space for a desk or vintage trunk opposite your bed because we cannot have too many crafts or too many shoes.

​ ​​Five+Essentials+for+Living+in+a+Small+Space+--+Mary+Hannah+Interiors

3. Lighting!!

Lighting in a small space can really bring some life into the room. If you don’t have enough space for a floor lamp, try this cool technique. Hanging the lights from the ceiling is a classic way to bring light into the area without infringing on your small footprint!

​ ​​Five+Essentials+for+Living+in+a+Small+Space+--+Mary+Hannah+Interiors


4. Mirrors!

Mirrors can really bring some depth to a space. By adding mirrors to the wall it will give the illusion that the room is bigger than it really is. Also by adding mirrors adjacent to a window, your doubling your natural light intake - #praisehands!

​ ​​Five+Essentials+for+Living+in+a+Small+Space+--+Mary+Hannah+Interiors

The Everygirl

5. Use that wall space!

Using your wall space can help to clear up room on the floor and also help you stay organized, sounds like a win win to me! Using wire racks to help hang pictures or to do lists will help that small space feel a lot bigger and clutter free.

​ ​​Five+Essentials+for+Living+in+a+Small+Space+--+Mary+Hannah+Interiors

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