Turning Your House into Home - Week 1: Built-Ins

Turning Your House into Home - Week 1: Built-Ins

For the month of July, a month that is dedicated to independence, family vacations, cook outs, and time together, we're showing you how to create a "house that feels like home!" Putting those special touches on your house is so important for you to feel at home and a big factor in welcoming all who enjoy your space. Whether you have friends or family to entertain, having a home that captures your style is key in creating warm and unforgettable memories.

On our new blog series Turning Your House into Home, we're going to share wonderful ways to make your house feel like home, starting with your built-ins. Built-ins are a multi-functional addition that adds character and incorporates storage in a home which you really can't have too much of! Style your shelves with items you've collected from your travels, trophies from your childhood days and framed artwork that your children have made in school. If you love all white walls as much as we do, another option is painting the back of your built-ins to add a pop of your favorite color. Book worm? Weave in a few of your family's favorite books or photo albums to add contrast while functioning as a library of memories. Another design option is displaying your favorite dishes or tea sets. The possibilities are endless in styling your built-ins as a way to make your house feel like! How do you plan on vamping up your shelves?

Studio McGee

Choosing an open shelf option allows you to showcase all of your prized possessions while getting creative with fun colors and various textures.

Haefele Design

If there happens to be unused space behind a wall, throw a built-in into it! The home below brilliantly shows us how to incorporate storage in what would have been unused space under their stairway.

Level Building Projects

We love how designer Bria Hammel not only painted the back of this shelving nook but also the inner sides for an extra pop of our favorite hue aqua!

Bria Hammel Interiors

This cozy nook is bursting with character by displaying someone's all-time favorite reads!

PC: Ana Kamin

In this particular picture, this built-in is a great example of serving two purposes, allowing you to store away your cookbooks and dishes while freeing up space elsewhere and also adding charm.

Lauren Rubin Architecture

Talk about a dramatic statement! These built-ins in this kitchen are giving me all the built-in vibes! The beautiful glass cabinets with contrasting hardware is absolutely stunning! This is the perfect place to display all your beautiful dishes for everyone to see!

PC: Laurey W. Glenn


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