Turning your House into Home - Week 2: Bedding

Turning your House into Home: Week 2 - Bedding

To continue the fun topic of "Turning your House into Home," we're dishing out all the details on bedding this week. (If you missed last week's blog post about "built-ins," you can check that out here.) Refreshing your bedding is a fun, creative way to dream up an entirely new atmosphere in a room. It's almost as dramatic as changing the wall color! Whether you base your (or your guest rooms') bedding around the upcoming season, a certain lifestyle (ie: crazy plant lady, surfer chic or classic career woman) or the pace of your life (looking for calm versus layers of creative inspiration), you can instantly dictate the ambience that's ideal for you and your everyday needs! In other words, you can make comfort the aim of your bedroom with extra throw pillows and blankets, or you can steer towards lightweight elements like thin quilts and minimal pillows during the warmer summer season. Combining a variety of quilts, duvets, comforters, throws and pillows for your perfect "bedding cocktail" is an essential part of making your house feel like home. Cheers to you incorporating character and warmth into your bedtime retreat with the help of these bedrooms for inspiration!

Pottery Barn

Layering different covers and blankets on a bed can add so much comfort to your home!

With luxurious sheets, quality comforters and duvets, cozy quilts, and textured throws you'll instantly create the feeling you want within your space. If you need help, please don't hesitate to call us and enlist our services! Bedrooms are one of our specialties.

Mary Hannah Interiors

Ballard Designs

Light-colored bedding gives this room an airy, bright feeling. the throw pillows add that extra pop of color that ties the entire room together.

Mary Hannah Interiors

Fun tassels dangle from this comforter giving a bohemian vibe to this space!


A nautical themed space is brought to life with coastal colors, ocean prints and raw wood. This subdued bedding emanates a relaxing, carefree feeling. The comfy duvet with its textured quilt and throw make this bedroom a welcoming oasis without being dull.

Lexington Clothing Company

The dark walls offer a powerful contrast to this yellow bedding and wood bedframe, a combination that many of our male clients gravitate towards.

West Elm

The masculine, rustic elements in this master retreat are perfectly balanced with feminine touches as seen in the lighting and mirror above combined with a variety of pillows and the tufted French bench.

Thistlewood Farms

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