Hurricane Florence - How you can help!

Hurricane Florence - How you can help!

After witnessing the devastating destruction Hurricane Florence did to our hometown of Wilmington, NC, we want to let you know how you can join us in helping our community! We at Mary Hannah Interiors are fairly fortunate to have only suffered minimal dangle, but for others this was not the case. Scroll below to learn how you can get involved and give back to our wonderful coastal town.



Many lost their homes and livelihoods due to unprecedented flooding or fallen trees. In the aftermath, we won't let this storm keep us down. Rather, we are here to help rebuild beautiful Wilmington! How can you help? Here are some ways you can support Wilmington and other parts of the Carolinas as we recover and rebuild.

  • Vigilant Hope is a Christian organization giving back to the local community of Wilmington NC by providing necessities for the homeless and less fortunate.

  • The American Red Cross is providing food and shelter to evacuees in multiple states. The group has mobilized 140 emergency response vehicles and more than 120 trailers of equipment and supplies. The Red Cross is great place for you to also donate blood.

  • United Way Worldwide has created a Hurricane Florence Recovery Fund to provide a single clearinghouse for individual and corporate donors to support communities in the storm's path. United Way also offers a free 24/7 hotline – 211 – for people seeking shelter, food and water.

  • World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization, has staff on the ground in the Carolinas and has shipped six truckloads of relief supplies to be delivered through local church and community partners to reach at least 9,000 people. The supplies include food, clean water, personal hygiene items, diapers and flood cleanup kits.

  • AmeriCares, a global health organization, is partnering with health clinics in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia to deliver emergency medicine and relief supplies including aid for displaced families.

  • Samaritan's Purse, an evangelical Christian humanitarian aid group, is deploying teams of staff and volunteers in two hard-hit areas in North Carolina – New Bern and Wilmington – to help homeowners with cleanup such as tarping roofs and clearing yards of debris.

  • The Salvation Army has more than 50 mobile feeding units positioned along the coast of the Carolinas. The group is sending food to evacuation shelters as well as feeding first responders.

  • Save the Children, an international children's agency, has a team on the ground in North Carolina that will focus on the needs of young people, such as setting up child-friendly spaces in evacuation shelters.

  • Mercy Corps, a global humanitarian organization, is working with Team Rubicon – a U.S.-based group that unites military veterans and first responders – to assess the most pressing needs in the Carolinas. Mercy Corps anticipates providing cash assistance to the most hard-hit communities so people can buy what they need for recovery.

  • The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics, a safety-net group that provides medical, dental and pharmacy services, is helping people access health care, medications and supplies during the disaster. Fifteen clinics in North Carolina and fourteen in South Carolina were in the path of the storm, the group says.

  • The Humane Society of the United States says it has helped more than 400 adoptable cats and dogs get out of shelters in Virginia, South Carolina and North Carolina.

USA Today provided us with the above list with all the above links and information.


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Let us know of any more organizations that are giving back in response to Hurricane Florence so we can add them to our list. We are trying to help in any way possible!

Who do you plan on helping?

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