Storage Tips and Tricks

Storage Tips and Tricks

If you feel like your home is lacking necessary storage for your needs, you've come to the right place. We are sharing some solid tips and tricks for organizing your everyday essentials. We're walking you though how to take your clutter and tuck it away until it's needed whether it's used once a day or once a year. You can transform your home with these organizational solutions and storage ideas.

We would like to invite you into our way of designing and living by encouraging you to regularly purge the items that you don't need or that don't enhance your everyday life.

Kitchen Storage Solutions

Kitchens are a gathering place stocked with gadgets and entertaining decor. Not all of us have our dream kitchen YET so it is essential to get creative with our current footprint and layout.

Mary Hannah Interiors

In this custom build, the client opted for a clean, barely-noticeable storage solution in the kitchen island. The cabinets are concealed by the segmented shiplap - brilliant!


Create destinations of organization on one wall! For instance, using open shelving to store all your kitchen essentials can help you define what your needs are. Also using hooks to hang to aprons or grill brushes allow for easy access.

Bedroom Storage Solutions

Mary Hannah Interiors

Within a bedroom, if the closet space is sparse, then get creative with side tables. Here we utilized the area next to the bed by proposing larger side tables that offer more storage. Naturally, our clients loved this design solution!

Pottery Barn

A large shelving unit is a great way to repurpose an awkward alcove (which we are currently doing with a new build in Leland). Incorporating shelves allow for tons of space to store books and other meaningful decor pieces.

Bathroom Storage Solutions

Mary Hannah Interiors

An open shelf within a bathroom is calling for a basket. This open area is the perfect spot for not only storing soaps and towels but also displaying them in a charming, functional way!


If the space allows for it, incorporate your own unique storage solution. Here, this locker unit not only provides ample storage for the little ones, but it becomes a darling statement piece!

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