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Fireplace Heaven!

Fireplace Heaven!

That time of year is here when the dropping temperatures have us all taking full advantage of our fireplaces! It's the element that adds comfort while acting as the family room's main attraction. This feature not only provides warmth for the cold and rainy winter months, it becomes a heartfelt place to hang garland and stockings for the upcoming holidays. We love fireplace design for the sentimental value they bring to a home and for the variety of shapes, sizes, materials and styles that they can come in. Because we are working on a few fireplace redesigns, we thought we'd share some of our favorites with you!

Talk about a showstopper! The all-white look is clean and beautiful with touches of brass and gray marble veining without being bulky and overdone.



How fabulous is this fireplace design complete with crisp storage for firewood?


Tamara Magel

A cabin fit with the coziest stone fireplace to warm the house after a long day of hiking!


Bria Hammel Interiors

Elegant at it's finest! Fire sphere's are a new trend that give

the your fireplace that perfect touch!


Melanie Turner Interiors

This space features a tile pattern surrounding a vertical fire box, we love this fun accent.


Intimate Living Interiors


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