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Design Tips: Front Entry

Design Tips: Front Entry

The front entry of a home is the first welcome your family and guest receive when entering your home. You want this space to reflect your style and also encourage an inviting feeling. Today we are going to show you ways to achieve that feeling, no matter what your front entry currently looks like. Working with a small space? We will show you how to maximize the useable space. Is the room dark and unwelcoming? We will show you how to create a bright welcoming area. Missing essentials for your front entry to create a smooth transition in and out of your home? Scroll through these design tips and let us know what you think and if you can incorporate any of these tips in your space!

Dark Front Entry:


Design by: Mary Hannah Interiors

Is your front entry dark and dreary? Painting the walls, trim and ceiling a bright white will brighten the space up and promote guest to feel welcomed when entering into your space.

Front Entry Essentials:


Your front entry is the first and last place you enter and exit within your home. This space needs to be equipped with items that better serve you to flow in and out your home with ease. Having a catch all spot to hold keys or important items is essential for a front entry. This can include baskets or bowls that allow you to throw items in there to have as soon as you need them. A second essential to have in your front entry is a place to hang or store items needed while heading out. This may include hooks or a coat rack to hang jackets and the kiddos book bags.

Front Entry Seating:


Is a spot to park it important within your front entry? Including a bench or stools allow you to use this space to put on shoes or help the kiddos with their sports gear for game day. Incorporating seating within a front entry is not always wanted or needed, but allows the space to be practically used.

Bringing life to your Front Entry:


Studio McGee

A large round mirror never hurt anyone! We love including mirrors anywhere we can. Mirrors reflect light and allow for a space to feel welcoming and inviting. Also, having fresh flowers or a plant really brings the space to life.

Small front entry:


Working with a small front entry? Utilize that wall space! Incorporating shelving and hooks allows for the space to be well used and organized. By having shelves and hooks encourages the feeling of a front entry and allows for quick grab of any essentials you may need while running in and out.

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