Decor Trends That Are Coming Back

Decor Trends That Are Coming Back

Trends are so interesting and fun to watch over time, especially within decor. An item or style becomes aware by so many and then BOOM, you see this trend everywhere you look! These current styles and preferences are back and are better than ever! It's so fun to see items we thought were 'No Big Deal' at the time coming back into everyday life. These are the types of trends that we feel are not going anywhere anytime soon! Scroll through our top 5 picks and let us know how you incorporate these "Throwbacks" into your everyday home!

1. Wicker Furniture

Remember that ugly wicker furniture set your grandma had in her sunroom and was such an eye sore? Well whether you like it or not, this light yet sturdy piece has made its way back into 2019. With certain patterns and textures, the wicker furniture is all the rave for indoor and outdoor styles. No more is it Grandma's ugly bulky furniture.


Mary Hannah Interiors

Design Loves Detail

2. Vintage Lighting

Vintage lighting is back and better than ever! When you bring these unique shaped fixtures into a space added with an Edison bulb it really cozies up the area. The character of the exposed light bulb adds an antique feel to a room that everyone will love.

SchoolHouse Electric & Supply co.

Apartment Therapy

3. Muted Colors - Dusty Pastels

Using muted colors within a space really brings a sense of serenity to the room. These colors do not seem so harsh to the eye and allows a space to be welcoming and inviting either to you or your guest!

Mary Hannah Interiors

Studio McGee

Bria Hammel Interiors

4. Brass

Brass has been in the decorating scene for many years. This shiny feature really adds a bold accents to any area. Whether that area be within you kitchen faucet, bathroom hardware or even a light fixture. Brass can be used to really add a classic but timeless statement to your home.

Studio Style Blog

Pencil Shavings Interiors

5. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great source for adding flare to a space. Wallpaper can come in all colors with many different patterns and textures. Check out a blog we posted a while back

on wallpaper that really illiterates unique ways to incorporate wallpaper into your space "Wallpaper: Do or Don't?" But regardless, this design element is a simple way to add color and texture to a space.



House of Turquiose

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