Before and After: A Dining Room Transformation of Distinction

Before and After: A Dining Room Transformation of Distinction

What difference does it make hiring a designer? What about any designer? There are many self-professed creatives circling the Instagramasphere claiming to be designers. At Mary Hannah Interiors, we have the experience and industry knowledge to guide you throughout the design process to your transformation destination, your dream home.

What are the benefits of working with our team? The list is extensive, but to hit the highlights, we can anticipate necessary details that you might not have on your radar like the impact of grout, transition points in millwork, where to locate switch plates or even how high a wall sconce should rest on its wall. We consider both form and function like interior door styles (hollow or solid core, textured or smooth) along with door swings to make family foot traffic run as smoothly as possible. Our history with multiple materials allows us to share with you the pros and cons of each. Based on those factors, we can even help you decide which materials will best serve you and your family's lifestyle - think marble, granite or quartz in the kitchen for instance.

I don't want to bore you with more reasons, but to sum up the Mary Hannah Interiors difference in a few words, we offer transformations of distinction. Here's a dining room we completed last year for a lovely client in Porter's Neck. As you can see she was stuck in a Pottery Barn design rut and needed a space that truly captured her coastal, livable style with more seating for her children and grandchildren. This custom 11' sofa provided the perfect starting point in recreating this corner of her home.

What do you think of this "Before and After?" Give us a call 910-524-4499 if you're looking for a home transformation of distinction. It'd be our honor to deliver this caliber of design results for you!

BEFORE of our Dream Cottage with a View Formal Dining Room - scroll below to see the After

AFTER of our Dream Cottage with a View Formal Dining Room


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