DIY: How to Recreate this Geometric Headboard Wall

DIY: How to Recreate this Geometric Headboard Wall

We've received a flood of DMs and emails from you inquiring about the headboard wall from our #DreamCottagewithaView project's master bedroom (seen on HomeBunch and in Southern Home Magazine). To make things easier, we've turned your request into a step-by-step blog tutorial! Scroll below for how to go about recreating this geometric headboard wall with progress pics. Our buddies Dan and Matt at Hatchet and Hammer (pictured below) brought this design to life for us, and we are so pleased with how it turned out!

Let us know if you have any questions, and once complete, don't forget to post your headboard wall in the comments below!

Step 1: Planning. This initial step starts with an inspiration picture and/or a drawing of the desired design.

Step 2: Layout prepwork. You will need to measure the wall. Gather your levels, pencils, and angle finders to then draw the pattern on the wall. For Hatchet and Hammer, they like to break down the design into simple shapes, then add on until it looks like the image they’re going for. For this pattern, they recommend starting with finding the center line. Then measure out the vertical and horizontal pieces that make up the big squares. Next, use long levels to ensure your lines are straight, and use a piece of the 1x2 pre-primed pine to trace the pattern directly onto the wall.

Step 3: Inner squares. Once the big squares are drawn, then add the smaller, inner squares. For this pattern, it’s important to to double check your measurements to make sure the little squares are truly centered in the big squares.

Step 4: Connect the squares. The last prep step involves laying out the angled pieces that connect the big squares and the little squares together. Take a step back and evaluate. Make sure that what you’ve just drawn looks like what you’re wanting to build.

Step 5: Build. An electric miter saw with a sharp blade and a pneumatic trim nailer are your friends here. Measure what you’ve drawn on the wall and cut the wood to the right length. Then nail it in place. At this point, the prepwork has set you up for success, and it’s simply like you're putting a puzzle together as you install the design onto the wall.

Step 6: Caulk and fill. Once everything is up and in place, fill any nail holes with wood putty and caulk where the wood meets the wall.

Step 7: Paint and enjoy!

To show some #locallove, follow Dan and Matt of Hatchet and Hammer on Instagram and like their page on Facebook!

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