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Tips for Curing the COVID Blues

Tips for Curing the COVID Blues

1.) Create a new playlist to lift your spirits. One of my fav tunes is Harry Belafonte’s “Jump in Line (Shake Shake, Senora)." You can borrow it for your COVID Playlist! :)

2.) Treat yo'self! Spend an occasional morning or evening applying a face mask or peel you’ve been meaning to try.

3.) Get outdoors! Walk, bike or set up a picnic in your yard with the fam or your roommates. Sunshine does wonders.

4.) Try your hand at baking your grandma’s famous pound cake or cherry pie. Your roommate or family will thank you!

Tips for Curing the COVID Blues

6.) Alternate which friends and family members you’ll FaceTime during the week. It’ll keep you socializing and connected while staying at home.

7.) Puzzles, Trouble, Uno. Games are an instant and easy way to create memories that help pass the time.

8.) Channel your inner Martha Stewart by visiting your local garden center (if permitted) or order plants online. Now’s the time to put your best green foot forward.

Tips for Curing the COVID Blues

Bonus tip: snag a copy of The Cottage Journal's Summer issue to see more of this #midmodcoastalcasa project!

Do you have any ideas for us to add to our list of tips for curing the COVID blues?

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