When Styling Bookshelves, Here are 7 Design Tips to Consider

When Styling Bookshelves, Here are 7 Design Tips to Consider

When styling bookshelves, here are seven design tips to consider to make your bookshelves come alive, reflect your style and display the things (and people) you love!

1.) Don't underestimate the power of depth and dimension. This is the foundational element of our styling technique.

2.) Layer pieces in collections to curate a story that reflects the homeowners (or you)! No item should seem lonely.

3.) Remember the importance of scale and size. If something looks too small or large, it's likely the case. Try setting that item next to something else closer in scale that it will relate well with.

4.) Incorporate texture with baskets, candle holders and more. This one factor displays our love for coastal interiors while providing a grounding and natural element to balance the color palette throughout our bookshelf styling.

5.) Stack books for added height and hues. This element softens the amount of tchotchkes needed and reinforces your color story.

6.) Lean art and mirrors to brighten shelves. Propping up these items keeps the eye intrigued and plays off the neighboring natural light.

7.) Lastly, don't be afraid to use one sculptural element only on a shelf. This collectible will have a demanding presence that beautifully stands out as if in a gallery.

When styling bookshelves, Mary Hannah is dishing out seven design tips to consider that'll help you tackle that space in your own home. Did you find these styling solutions helpful?

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