Wrightsville Beach Condo: Home Tour, Kitchen

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Wrightsville Beach Condo: Home Tour, Kitchen

We had so much fun with this project and we are so happy to finally share with you guys! This project was such a fun experience because we were able to stick with subtle tones and natural colors for this beach located condo. Today, we are going to showcase the kitchen and how well the already existing footprint worked so well with the design aspect we were going for. Not to mention, our client Brad was such a pleasure to work for and so trusting in us to be able to give him the design of his dreams for his lifestyle.

We love leaving a personalized note to welcome home Brad to his newly decorated space.

The subtle colored bar stool were the perfect touch to this beautiful island and of course we can't forget accents of greenery and wood tones.

Open shelfs are so fun to decorate. Here we used different types of material

and textures to bring the entire space together.

Stay tuned for more of this fabulous beach front condo and let us know in the comments below your favorite part of the kitchen!

| Design By: Mary Hannah Interiors | PC: Matthew Ray |

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