Mid-mod Coastal Casa: Home Tour, Entryway and Screened-in Porch

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

With the living room, dining room and kitchen already revealed on our studio blog, we are ecstatic to showcase the entryway and screened-in porch of this lovely project! In fact, these spaces (places of first impressions, transition and outdoor living) are some of the corners I cherish the most when designing homes. Why? Because these rooms help welcome, entertain and provide a thoughtful flow for my clients' homes inside and outside. For these reasons, we don't want to overlook the importance of these spaces but maximize on their functional, creative impact!

Take a look at the entryway, the hallway that leads into the main living area and the outdoor living space. Which detail is your favorite? The hall's archway may steal the show for me with the entryway's console taking a close second, followed by the wicker sectional on the back porch! :)

To catch up on the Mid-mod Coastal Casa's living room reveal, click here. Check out its dining room and kitchen by clicking here.

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